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This is the place to be, if you want to edit Ultima 6

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Here are all the utilities and files related to Ultima 6 editing!

Ultima 6 developer's kit

Savage Empire patch!!

Party fixup utility (prevent solid people)

Martian Dreams patch!!

List of useful objects 1.25

Ultima 6 Manager 1.2

Book editor


The Utility Source Code

Eggs Unveiled.. making your own creatures!

The Ultima 6 Developer's Kit

Seeing some of the limitations of the game, (and annoyed at not being able to make my own home) I screwed around with the map files for a few months, until I was able to write the unofficial Ultima 6 Developer's Kit.

Four utilities are included:

Tweak - party roster editor, put Lord British in your party!
Map - world editor, edit the chunks and maps.
RedSetter - 'fix' temporary objects to the ground.
Undead - repairs brain-damaged characters.

Tweak also has a database of cool things to do..
(kill Lord British, purify people, leave the castle early, etc)

Download: (194k)

From this website

If you have difficulty running the program, try unpacking it in your SAVEGAME directory.

If you know what you're doing you can also use the PATH and APPEND commands to make it appear to be in the savegame directory, but modern versions of Windows don't seem to allow that anymore.

Savage Empire Patch

Here is a patch that allows you to use the editor with Savage Empire.

Thanks to Jonathan Rimmer for making this possible.

Download: (98k)

From this website

Party fixup utility

Here is a small utility to prevent the problem with solid people after using TWEAK.

Download: (11k)

From this website

Martian Dreams Patch

Here is a patch that allows you to use the editor with Martian Dreams as well.

Thanks to Dlanod Dragon for making this possible.

Download: (70k)

From this website

List of Useful Objects 1.28

Recent additions:

1.28 - Winch, Stocks, new email address
1.27 - Search feature in the Editor, more objects
1.26 - Added the portcullis number :-}
1.25 - Added horizontal bookcase numbers to the list
1.20 - How to build a portcullis
Also included is a (rather primitive) objectblock editor.

Download: (25k)

From this website

The Ultima 6 Manager

Allows you to have several ultima 6 savegames at once..
-Supports multiple savegames, even with hacked maps and messages!
-Run U6MGR instead of ULTIMA6.EXE
-Menu allows you to choose a game, create new ones, remove old ones..
-Allows you to get straight into the game

Ultima Six Manager v1.1
-Correctly handles directories less than 8 letters long
-Now copies MAP,CHUNKS,BOOK.DAT back to its home directory, for world editing.
-New config format

Ultima Six Manager v1.2

-One of the data files was wrong in 1.1.  Here is the corrected release.
-The program itself has not changed.
-This will only affect the creation of new games...

Download: (102k)

This has a more up-to-date datafile than v1.1 (which had a minor problem)

From this website

The Book Editor

At last, you can edit the books and signs easily!

-UNBIND will turn your existing books into an easy-to-edit text file
-REBIND will turn the text file back into the Ultima 6 format.

LIMITATIONS: You can only change (or replace) existing books.
             You cannot add new ones (book 129 etc) as neither Ultima 6 nor REBIND support this.

Download: (18k)

From this website


To use RedSetter efficiently, you need to know where the Avatar is..

-STAMP  will plant a bug on the Avatar.
-FINDER will track the avatar using the bug planted by STAMP.

Download: (21k)

From this website

The Utilities Source Code

The source code for the editor and all the utilities is now available.
It's very messy, and mostly specific to Borland C, but c'est la vie.

The license is the same as the IRE engine, and is it compressed with RAR (and ZIP afterwards) to make it smaller.


From this website


From this website

I can't get Eggs to work!

At last, a practical way to create your own monsters and livestock!
eggs2.txt Save this file for reference!

Where's the original 'Treatise on Eggs' by Kansam?

eggs.txt The outdated, but useful guide to Eggs by Kansam

These pages are maintained by my alter ego, DOUG the Eagle, a member of the UDIC, which is an Ultima Fan Group.

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