Morrowind - Cat Dude's photo album

A bunch of weird and/or wonderful screenshots


Cat-Dude unpeels


Embedded Bear






Bear on a stick


Flying Wolves


The Undead Ordinator is first sighted


The terror of the Undead Ordinator


The terror continues


The Undead Ordinator is finally at peace (again?)


Cat Dude

Cat Dude, just looking awesome


Stand and deliver!


A price on your head the size of the whole economy


He walks alone and he carries a big axe


Nice day for a swim


More swimming


Pure Evil


Even Purer Evil


Murder at the steelworks


Cat-Dude tries to unlock Brallion


Please go stand by the stairs so that I can Protect you
"Oh my, I bet that hurt!"


Dog Dude

Run, Doggy, Run


A dog in hand is worth two in the bush


Hircine does his best to pretend Dog-Dude isn't there


Other People

Just one of Cat-Dude's psychotic staff


Cat-Dude robs the laundry


Ashland Hymns - He'll need them


Cat-Dude and Ra'Tesh go off on a killing spree


Ra'Tesh is actually very good at killing, especially for a bartender


The Sistine Chapel


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